How to Join 2 different datasets together (direct query dataset and spice)

Hello community!
I need help to see if this is possible to do.
I have an embedded dashboard that needs to refresh its calculations real time when a number in the database is updated.
The original dataset I created was a direct query to get directly from the database, but takes too much time because is a big query and the visuals sometimes renders and sometimes not.
I am trying now to combine spice and direct query looking for better performance.
This is what i have done so far:

  • Created a direct query dataset with small portion of the query
  • Created a spice dataset with the other part of the query
  • In the direct query dataset added the spice dataset and did some left join (from right dataset (direct) to left dataset (spice))
  • added a few calculated fields.
    I am not able to see the data from the spice query, and now in the design area when clicking the direct query, is not direct query dataset anymore, is spice.
    Please i need some guidance, if there is documentation about that or if it possible at all.
    Thanks in advance.

Hi Tatiana! If you join across sources, the result must be a SPICE dataset. Here is a link to documentation details of joins in QuickSight as well as a blog post in regards to joining data across sources.