How to keep the data range of two graphs in sync?

I have two side-by-side graphs that I compare with one another. Though they have slightly different data, how do I keep the y-axis ranges of the graphs in sync so facilitate comparison?


Which kind of visual are you using. Can you explore small-multiple values in line or barchart for side by side comparison.

Anwar Ali


@AnwarAli I have two line graphs, both of which have multiple lines. I would like their ranges to be the same. My understanding is the small-multiple visuals would break up each of these graphs into one graph per line, which isn’t what I want here.

Hi @kennetdo, We do have option to control the y axis range. As shown in the screen shot below try to use custom range option and define the range you need. Keep this range same for your other chart as well. Hope this helps and if this resolves your issues please help the community out by marking this answer as "Solution!


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