How to know which side an icon will be in Conditional Formatting?

I’m experiencing this problem that I can’t predict where the formatting condition icon will be, searching the forum I haven’t found anyone who can actually reverse the location of it. I didn’t even find the operating rules in the Quicksight documentation for WHERE the icon will be in the cell by default.

For exemple, in my case I was adding it in a column:
Initially he was on the left: [old version]

However, while dealing with other things, he suddenly changed his behavior and is now fixed on the right: [new version]


What are the rules for this?
Is there already an implementation that fixes it?
Or at least is there any more in-depth documentation on how it works?

Marcelo M.

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Hello @Marcelo, welcome to the QuickSight community! This is a really interesting question. I have been unable to find any way to specify which side of the field the icon will populate on.

I’ve tested out a few different scenarios, and the only discovery I have so far is when I am checking if a String value equals something it appears on the right, and when I was checking numeric values based on varying conditions it showed on the left.

I don’t think there is currently a way to set a specific location (left or right) for the icons in the table so I can keep this ticket as a feature-request to add more functionality for conditional format styling options.