How to layer and hide visuals based on selection from table?

I was hoping to layer some visuals in Quicksight so that when an item is selected from the table on the side only one visual would show. For example in the dashboard shown if “css_score” from the table is selected the plot called “CSS” would show and the rest would be hidden.
I know how to do this if the items in the table are under the same field name (using hidden rules and parameters), however this data is under separate field names and can’t be listed under the same. I was thinking it would be easier to create a value in the dataset called ‘CSS’ which could be selected but haven’t been able to figure out how only the corresponding visual is shown when that particular value it selected.
Any guidance in how to do this (or any videos you’d recommend I watch) would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @sorchas
are the elements you want to select always the same?
Do you need the table visual, as the values arent shown.

The table visual would only be a way to select either CSS, MSS etc. The scores relating to the size of the points would change but the position on the x and y would not.

Why not just create a control with the values?
You can select one or many options and show/hide the visuals.