How to make a button in a sheet to navigate the user to another sheet in the same dashboard?

Hi all!
I want to add a button on sheet 1 and when I click it I will be navigated to sheet 2, does anyone know how to create this?
Like here:
I created an insight visual and made the navigation action, but didn’t work.

Hi @fengjing -

You have a couple options.

  1. Use a navigation action (navigation to 1 tab)
  2. Use a URL action with Open In set to ‘Same browser tab’. (navigation to multiple tabs)

1. Navigation Action

2. URL Action
If you aren’t embedding the dashboard, the URL will be simple. It’s the same one you see in the URL bar when you navigate to the sheet.

If you are embedding you can pass the embed token through url parameters (this is the example I show below)


concat('',${embedToken},'/dashboards/[dashboard id]/sheets/[dashboard id]_[sheet id]'),
'[dashboard id]/sheets/[dashboard id]_[sheet id]')


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Thank you so much!! :blush: