On click navigate to different sheet - from pivot table selections

Hi, I have a summary pivot table on main sheet of the dashboard and it shows data about 7 different risk type. I also have 7 sheets with detailed information about the risk (Detailed risk A / B / etc). I want to create navigate action in such a way that if a user clicks on summary number from risk A, they should be navigated to Detailed risk A; if selection is risk, automatically navigated to Detail sheet risk B and so on.
I applied Navigate action and selected “Detailed risk A” as target sheet but that takes me to A irrespective of the column that I do the selection from Ref: How to make a button in a sheet to navigate the user to another sheet in the same dashboard? - #2 by robdhondt → 1. Navigation Action.

Hi Siddhi_Patil,

There can only be one select action per visual. Therefore, it is not possible to achieve the exact behavior you are looking for. Instead, you can create multiple navigation actions using the menu option activation type. Each navigation action you create can be linked to a different sheet. Then when the user clicks on a value in your pivot table, they will see a menu of all of the different actions you created, which upon clicking, will navigate the user to the sheet that particular action is linked to.

Thank you Peter for your response. Although Menu options would take longer adoption time and is not very intuitive. If we could have a value hyperlinked, that would be ideal - if such a feature request exists, I would like to upvote it. Thanks!

Hi Siddhi,
Peter has a valid suggestion to using a menu based navigation that works for many cases and as you suggested it might not work for you. We can try a workaround for a URL action. Since you are using a Pivot table, the URL action can still work but you might not see the button for a link. Instead the action can be performed by clicking on any field on a row.

You could try the following:

  1. Create a calculated field using the URL for each tab from your dashboard. (You need to use the URL from the Dashboard, not the Analysis)
    URL_LINK =
    ifelse(Risk = ‘A’,
    ‘the URL for your Tab A from your dashboard…leave out the https:// part.’
    e.g. ‘us-east-1.quicksight.aws.amazon.com/sn/dashboards/ABCDEFG123456/sheets/TabForRiskA’,
    Risk = ‘B’, ‘us-east-1.quicksight.aws.amazon.com/sn/dashboards/ABCDEFG123456/sheets/TabforRiskB’,
    Risk = ‘C’, … ,…)

  2. Create a URL Action on your Visual as shown, referencing the calculated field just created.

  3. Add this new field on your pivot table. Hide this field from display (from the field wells menu)

Please let me know if this works for you.

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