How to make a top advisors

Hello guys, I need help to create a calculated field that allows me to see the best sales advisors per month and a field that shows me the sales in the month per advisor, for example in the table there are 8 advisors, column A is the date, I need to replicate column G and H in Quicksight, column G shows the names of the 3 best advisers in September and in the month of August it shows the 3 best advisers and the rest in null… the adviser in position number 4, 5,6,7 and 8 must be null or empty… someone help me please

What do you currently have in QuickSight?

For the top Advisor can you make an ifelse statement that checks if the rank is <=3?

Top Advisor: ifelse(ranking<=3,{advisor},NULL)

Top Sales: ifelse(ranking<=3,{sales},NULL)