How to make duration a numeric field

I have a duration field as a string (based on this) and I want to make it a numeric field so I can filter on it (for example - show me values > 00:01:00)



Hi @shirakoresh

While you want to make it a numeric field but your comparison has a non-numeric value on the right hand side of the following equation :slight_smile:

show me values > 00:01:00

Are you able to create a calculated field that computes duration in mins (or hours, seconds), which would then be numeric and you can provide a filter based on that column, while still have the duration in the string format as part of the table if you prefer that?

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Hi :slight_smile: thank you for your help!
I wanted my users to be able to filter the duration in this format (hh:mm:ss), but if it’s not an option so i’ll just do it by minutes as you suggested.

Have a good day!

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