How to make the URL to contain / (slash)

I am not sure how to make the URL hyperlink to include / properly. Hope someone can help:
(I am using Saless Pipeline dataset for illustration here)

  1. create a calculated field “combined”

  2. put this in a Table visual

  3. set Action for this visual as URL action:

  4. when I click the Fussion/News row in the table, I am taken to

In this case, it is fine, but in my actual application (where I actually need to pass a long s3 file path with many /s as a long string), this will not work. It needs / not be replaced by %2F

I assume QuickSight did the conversion so I am looking for a way (some configuration?) to prevent the conversion.

It will take you to the correct link. This is only for urls in a website. And probably only if there isn’t a webpage.

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Hi Max, thanks. Yes. you are right. even though the address replaced all / with %2F, the underlying function works fine.