How to make X- axis dynamic


Please check the screeshot of my dashboard. User is requesting to add another range for the X-axis. ex: 0% to 100%. 100% to 500%. Do we have a way to make it dynamic so that user can choose which range works better for their team.

I tried to put the new ranges just below the orginal range (please check the below screenshot). But when I right clicked and choose ‘drill down to the new range’. the data will be capped/drilled down to only show that range we clicked on.


Drill downs will work like that.

Can you try and work with data zooms?

That is the thing on the blue thing on bottom where you can scroll between ranges

What is data zooms, can you send me a any doc about it?

Drill down won’t work.

As it is a bar chart, click the any bar and drill down will show more granular, but the data will be only limited to the only bar range I clicked. Screenshot shown above.

And the data ranges I need to show are:

I have figured it out myself. A dynamic Column will do the work.