How to manually order a waterfall chart

I am using data from a loans company. I have imported my data, and put the correct fields into the waterfall chart. What it currently shows is all our current cases (updated every hour), and what stage they are in. I.e. 200 ‘application in progress’, 300 ‘live customer’, 3000 ‘declined’, 170 ‘awaiting customer response’, 35 ‘pending acceptance’, 120 ‘funds to be credited’. The one thing is that i want it to waterfall in these stages how the entire process is. So ‘live customer’ and ‘declined’ would be at the end, whereas ‘application in progress’ would be at the beginning.

In short, how can i order my groups within the field manually? Do i need to create a calculated field for this?

Hi @HarveyB-B
yes you would need a field to order. If not existing you need to create a calculated field. Then you can use the sort options.

so if i created a calculated field named waterfallOrder, and i wanted to list the following in order:

Application in progress, Awaiting Customer Response, Pending Acceptance, Funds to be Credited, Live Customer, Dormant.

Would i just need to create an if statement assigning each stage/status 1-6? (1 being start, 6 being end of waterfall)


ifelse({status}="Application in progress",1,{status}="Awaiting Customer Response",2,......)

So i tried this option using my actual statuses, and i could be doing something wrong but i’m struggling when it comes to ordering.


sort options


Change the Aggregation to “Avg”?

So i did casestatus count as the value, since its how many are in this status. And its grouped/categorised by the statuses. And then sorted by waterfallOrder, which is not working as intended.

Did you check the spelling?

What do you mean? Inside the calculated field?