How to migrate SPICE schedule along with dataset from one AWS account to another AWS account?

We are trying to migrate AWS QuickSight content from one AWS account to another AWS account. We use steps mentioned in below blog to programmatically migrate datasets. But we also want to migrate SPICE schedule along with dataset. Is there any way to do it programmatically (through API calls)?

Reference: Migrate Amazon QuickSight across AWS accounts | AWS Big Data Blog


The SPICE schedule can only be created through the QuickSight console. You would have to manually recreate the schedules in your target account after the migration of datasets.
For my understanding , what you are looking at is a way to extract the schedule details for each dataset . Apply the same scheduling information to datasets in target account through code ?


Hi Koushik,

Thanks for your response. Yes that’s what we are looking for. Is there any plan to add APIs to read/write SPICE schedule programmatically?

Hi Sanjay,

We do have an open Product Feature Request (PFR) for the ability get scheduling/ingestion details through API.
Please reach out to your AWS Technical Account Manager / Solution Architect. A new PFR can be created or your customer influence should be added to this PFR if this described feature meets your needs.
If you don’t have an assigned AWS rep, message me your organization name and detailed request and I will add it to the PFR.

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