How to migrate Themes from one account to another?

I have themes in my source Quicksight account. How do I migrate (or use) this theme for the dashboards I have migrated?

From the documentation, I see these are the steps for creating a template to encapsulate the analyses of the dashboard. We then give permission for the target account to access this template.

But how about Themes? Do we need to create a theme to encapsulate the template and share it with the target account?

Hi @gopinathpc, Please refer to below link on content porting. Second video from the link has a demo with API calls for migrating content that also includes Themes.
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Thanks for the links. I tried those steps outline in the videos but they didn’t work for me.
So, I am trying to call them manually using this doc:

But this document doesn’t talk about Themes.
Wondering if you know of any document or link that explains how to migrate Themes using the APIs directly (not using Jupyter notebook).

Do I need to create Themes after I create template or before creating template?

Hi @gopinathpc

The QuickSight Admin workshop here details content porting, along with creating duplicate themes.

While the steps detailed here shows creating a theme within the same AWS account, you can use the API/CLI commands detailed - Describetheme and use that as input to CreateTheme, to programmatically recreate the theme in a different AWS account.

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