How to move multiple controls?

How to move multiple controls at once, or to align multiple controls?
The usual “holding the SHIFT key and select” seems not working in QuickSight, it seems not possible because I had been googling and no one asked the same question. Can someone shed the light please, thanks!

To select multiple controls at once, try holding “Ctrl” key on your keyboard and click on each controls that you want to move.

Once you select required controls, click and grad/move any one of the and it will move all the selected controls at same time.

Once controls are moved to new place, you can release the mouse button and the controls will be at new place.

Hi @Celeste
so far that’s not possible.
I’m waiting for that feature as well.

Hi guys,
Thanks for your quick reply.

Unfortunately Ctrl key is not working for me. @shadhvan, do you know if there is anything I can set to make it works? It’s really annoying that the basics are not there.

Sadly not over UI.
Maybe next year.

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