How to Navigate a dashboard filter from one dashboard to another

Lets say I have a two dashboard that is A & B. I have a requirement like a date filter Job Date is in the A dashboard here I want to check like when I have used the Job Date filter from May-Jun, I need automatically refreshed the B dashboard with A dashboard filter.

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@Naveed Do you have any idea for this?


you could solve this with an URL-Action.

You have to make your from date and until date to parameters and then send them with the action to the other dashboard.

Otherwise you can create a table with calculated fields, that calculate the lower and upper ends of your date range and forward these to the other dashboard with an action.

Do you need more details?

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Thomask is rights. it should work

@thomask you are right, but how can I add the URL into the date filter ?

Its only possible with a visual.
When you change the filter, you have to click on the visual, where you set up the action in.

Make sure you have defined the date parameters that [thomask] is talking about in both of the dashboards. (This solution is leveraging QuickSight’s ability to set parameter value via URL when opening the dashboard. So, it is using value of parameters in dashboard A to set value of parameters in dashboard B when navigation action is triggered, such as when clicking somewhere in a chart)