How to not display Y axis field in Detailed Tooltip

How can we hide the Y axis field in a detailed tooltip of a scatterplot visualization? The Y axis field does not show up in the Detailed Tooltip dropdown Fields list where all the other tooltip fields can be selected, so we can’t see how to hide it in the Detailed Tooltip for the scatterplot. It appears to automatically display, but we need to hide it.


I’ve tried to recreate the problem below, but I was still able to hide the Y-axis value. Are you able to share an example screenshot showing the fields, fields wells and “Format Visual->Tooltip” settings?

Many Thanks,

Thank you for your reply.

Having experimented more, we are able to remove the issue if we do not have a Dimension in Color - in that case we are able to hide the Y axis. However as soon as we add a Dimension in Color, the issue recurs.

As the visualization is confidential I am not able to share it here. Is there a way to ask for private assistance with this issue please? That way I could easily show what we are experiencing.

Thanks again.

Thanks @TTTTMMM, I’ll message you privately to discuss further. Andrew