How to order the legend according to the graph?


I need the legend to be in order and for the legend to follow the graph.
Ex: the value >200 must be at the top, then 100,000 to 200,000 and so on.

I tried to create a calculated field to sort, but it didn’t work


{value} = ‘> 200.000’, 1,
{value} = ‘100.001 a 200.000’, 2,
{value} = ‘50.001 a 100.000’, 3,
{value} = ‘25.001 a 50.000’, 4,
{value} = ‘10.001 a 25.000’, 5,
{value} = ‘Até 10.000’, 6,

Hi @July
didnt we talked about it already?



Hi Erik,

Yes, we really talked, but I still have this problem to resolve. Sorry.

I tried to make the table look like you commented, but I lost the colors for each category.

Just to make sure there is no solution.


Hello @July!

If the data coloring will be consistent, and that legend you created is a text field, you can use the text editor to apply color directly to the text.

Ultimately, it is not possible to sort order a legend, but I will mark this as a feature request for the QuickSight team.