How to pass Parameter Value to the Dataset while generating the Q embedding URL using SDK

I am embedding the quick sight Q topic into my application.
For this, I created one dataset and one topic.
For the dataset, I created one parameter that has dynamic values. The parameter value should be set when the user access the topic from my application

my requirement is when the user login into my application and accesses the topic,
before generating the embedding URL, The parameter value should be set to the dataset and it should be refreshed, The topic should be refreshed and then the user can able to ask questions

Please help me how to achieve this

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Hello @jayakumarim, I am actually not sure if you are currently able to set parameter values with the embedQSearchBar or embedGenerativeQnA SDKs. If you look at the actions for embed visual, dashboard, or console, setParameter is an option for those specific embedding SDKs, but when embedding Q, it is just setQuestion and close.

Maybe there is something where you could have the parameter on the dataset layer, set the value on the dashboard and then somehow provide a link between that and the Q topic. That might be a way to work-around the issue of Q not having parameter related actions. Also, it may be worth considering adding RLS on your dataset so certain values are filtered out of the data depending on the user accessing it.

Let me know if this helps!

Hello @jayakumarim, since we have not heard back from you with any remaining questions, I will tag this as a feature request and archive this topic for our support team. Thank you!