How to perform double agreggation (In multiple levels)

Hiii! I need to sum all my costs (shown on the table), for the orders is only a sum but for the clients I have the costs repeated for each order so I need to do a MAX or an AVG first and then sum the costs for each seller. In my example is (5 + 2 + 9).
In SQL is something like this

AVG(AvgQuantity) “AvgofAverages”
from (
AVG(Quantity) “AvgQuantity”
group by Client
) X

I’m trying to do something like this but it doesn’t work:
sum({order_costs}) +
sum(avgOver({clients_costs}, [{clients}], PRE_AGG))
I also tried double agreggation but I get the Nested aggregation error.
Please please Help!!! :cold_sweat:

Hello @ramoshe !

I was able to get that syntax to save as a calculated field on my end. Are {order_costs} and {client_costs} calculated fields as well?

And if so, could you share what they look like? This will help me understand what the nested aggregation error might be coming from.

Hi Duncan, no, they are not calculated fields.

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Hi @ramoshe,

Can you try sum(max({client_costs}, [{clients}]))?


Hello @ramoshe !

Were you able to try @David_Wong 's calculated field? To me that looks like it should work.

Thank you that was the answer!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: