How to perform sumover with the condition

I just wants to sumover the tat in minutes with condition
Journey_Pair_Bifurcation = “UW time”

I am using below calculated field but not getting expected result


@sanketg Please give some dummy data screenshot, what is your input and expected output. This will help in understanding the problem and we will try to help you in this case.

Regards - San

Please find image below for the input data and expected output.

It is easy by using pivots but I just wants how to know how we can develope the calculated fileds like customer time and UW time. so we can use it in any visual

Thanks @sanketg … Pivot is a good and optimal solution in this case as if there is any new journey added you do not need to do anything… Just out of curiosity why you are looking for an alternative solution, any specific use case.

Regards - San

Just one question, How to show the average customer time, average UW time, avg total journey time on customer level. Not possible in both way if I used pivote or calculated filed by using sumif. My input data is as I mentioned above.

you can use avgOver or avg. Or utilize the calculation of sum / count.