How to plot the actual vs. forecast for future dates

I have a dataset with the format below. Each record shows the course ID and the course start date.

Screenshot 2023-07-24 at 5.21.37 PM

I wanted to plot the actual cumulative course count by month with the monthly forecast. Below is my calculated field for forecast:

and the calculated field for cumulative training counts:

The visual is created like this:

I also wanted to show the future month forecast in the same visual. For example, the forecast should show for all months 2023 with the numbers in the calculated field - in the visual, there should be a line forecast line for May, June, etc.

Is there anyway to do this without creating a new dataset?

Thank you!

This is an interesting question. Have you tried the ML based forecast feature? refer to exercise 4: Workshop Studio

If you have to include your manual forecast, then add the forecast into the dataset might be an option. Once you have enough data points, then the ML based forecast might be a better choice.

HI @Xing Thank you for your reply. We are looking for manual forecast not ML based forecast for now. Is there anyway to use calculated field to add the forecast instead of adding the forecast in the underlying dataset?

Besides creating a separate dataset with month and forecast, I am not aware there is another way for manual forecast.

Got it. Thank you for your help!