How to port/migrate QuickSight Q configuration to another account?

We are planning to enable the Q feature in our app. But, I can’t find any information how to port/migrate Q configuration from account A to account B.

Is there SDK command available just like other assets ( data set, analysis, template, theme, dashboard) ?

Or, something else ?

Hi @tbdori - This feature seems to be in preview. Can you check here and reach out to the team for access.

@Sanjeeb2022 Can you confirm if those APIs are still in preview?



Hi @eperts - You are correct, it is in preview, the best way to reach out the team and confirm the same.

Regards - Sanjeeb

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Hi @eperts @Sanjeeb2022 - no, topic management APIs are now in GA. API references can be found here Actions - Amazon QuickSight (use cmd + F “topic”) and our user guide can be found here Work with QuickSight Q topics using the Amazon QuickSight CLI - Amazon QuickSight


Thank you @crease for provide the details.

Regards - Sanjeeb

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