How to prevent emtpy fields in export in an easy an quick way?

Hi there,

currently some cells are empty if you are exporting them.
Is there any setting to prevent emtpy cells?

2023-10-30 13_48_43-prod

My current workaround is that I am adding fields in “rows” above the field with empty cells and set them to invisible.

I guess there is an easier solution?

I am looking forward to hear your insights.


Hi @de.schmidd - I believe this can be a feature request.

Hi @duncan @ErikG @Jesse - Can you please help on this?

Regards - Sanjeeb

@de.schmidd what cells are empty? can you show the export?

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sure @ErikG , if you export the file in XLSX format the cell of the employee id is linked

Hi @de.schmidd ,
yeah those are “empty”. It’s an pivot table “feature” because it is grouped. For the visual it wouldnt make sense to repeat the values.

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Can you use a Table instead of a Pivot Table? Then there is no grouping behavior.

unfortunately not but I found another way to handle this issue.
I can export the data of the pivot table in csv and then import it in excel. That works for me.

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