How to recover deleted orphaned assets in Quicksight


As part of my Cleanup activity I have deleted the Quicksight user without transferring the ownership to another user and where deleted including all orphaned resources.

Can you please help me recovery all the resources.


You deleted the resources as well?

You can look at this command to restore an analysis.

There’s no other commands for dashboards / datasets although a dashboard can be created from an analysis.

Also, if the resources are still there you could look to update the permissions.

To find if they are there you can do a list operation like such:

Thanks Max for responding, We tried with all the steps in the links but no luck.
By mistake we have deleted all orphaned assets along with user arn deletion.
Do you have any other idea how to restore the assets?

Hi @raja2312 ,

As @Max said you can recover an analysis if deleted . If you previously did not extract the definition of datasets as backup, you cannot recover them. They will have to be recreated.

Kind Regards,