How to reduce dataset spice space

Hello People,

Here is my issue:

  • I have 4-5 tables in my database which need 10-15 GB space each.
  • If I join them and do a spice then easily it will take 20 GB for each dataset
  • Sometimes I need only 2 tables for a different use case and sometimes I need all
  • It is impossible to create a warehouse for it due to some technical rules

How to resolve this issue in such a way that I can join any of these tables without taking much space in space:
Eg: I can upload all these tables to spice and then put direct query to them while creating a dataset?

Please help me out with this

can share a bit more context on the issue? if I understand correctly, you would like to visualize the data in QuickSight but don’t want to load into the data into SPICE because of huge data volume. When we say huge, it is about 20GB?
What is the concern for having 20GB data in SPICE?

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The problem is: I need to build multiple datasets based on the dashboard requirement from the same set of tables from different db

Each dataset takes around 10-20 GB data on spice,
Already I have created like 7 such datasets accounting to around 60 GB of data on spice and I need to create more datasets based on future requirements as my source of data is too high.

My database / source has 12 tables which with a total of 20 GB data,
But same when converted into multiple datasets has jumped up to 60+ GB spice data as I am creating datasets repeatedly based on my dashboard requirements.

Is there a way that I can spice my database tables into quicksight and later on use them in a new dataset as direct query?

This is my simple question

yes, you can use a SPICE dataset as data source and create a new dataset by using Direct Query. We call it child dataset.

you may refer to this document. showing how to use dataset as a data source. Creating a dataset using an existing dataset in Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight