How to refresh SPICE dataset using CreateIngestion API for incremental refresh?

We are implementing CreateIngestion API call to refresh SPICE data sets. We do see IngestionType parameter available in request body and we can set it to INCREMENTAL_REFRESH. But how to provide other parameters required for incremental refresh i.e. Date Column, Window size (number), Window size (unit) ?


The configuration for incremental refresh has to be done through the UI

Screenshot 2022-09-27 at 11.08.20

You can then trigger the refresh using the CreateIngestion API call (create-ingestion — AWS CLI 2.7.35 Command Reference) with ingestion-type as INCREMENTAL_REFRESH.

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To check on the same thread, is there a support now for setting configuration for incremental refresh through API? Either while creating dataset or while calling createIngestion API?