How to remove sheet from published embedded dashboard and reflect change in webapp?

Hallo all!

In my QS account, I have some dashboards that are deployed in a web app. Now, I want to remove a specific sheet from one dashboard so that it appears w/o this sheet/tab in web app. I know that I cannot do it from GUI. The dashboard is created by a template. Anyone know how can I remove this sheet from the dashboard using the CLI or boto3 API? Can I update the template and delete this sheet and then update dashboard with the new template version? The change needs to reflect to all accounts that the template is being shared. Thanks!

Hi guys. Problem solved!

  1. Get existing template of current dashboard
  2. Create new analysis out of it and update permissions.
  3. Modify the new analysis in QS
  4. Create new template from the modified analysis.
  5. Update dashboard from the updated template.

Boto3 has all this functionalities after creation of a client. Anyone has questions, I am happy to help

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Thanks for sharing your solution with the community @Fotis_flex! :slight_smile: Glad this is resolved!