How to remove the "Reset" and "Search bar" in the dropdown control?

We have built a visual with Month/Week/Day dropdown for aggregation as shown below. Since there are only 3 values in the dropdown, we would like to remove the “Reset” and “Search” option on this control. Any pointers on how we can achieve this?

Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 1.52.23 PM

If you are ok with displaying these as radio buttons, then you could change Style: List and then you would have the option to hide the search bar… Then you can move the control to the sheet.

However, it does not seem like you can remove the Reset button.

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As you suggested, we tried converting it to List. We put a subtitle to take up vertical space… but the order seems to be alphabetical (as shown in the attached screenshot), we wish it allowed us to change the order such that month is at the top.

Unfortunately at the moment that is a QuickSight limitation - control options are always sorted (see Non-alphabetic control values ). You can work around it by prefixing in a way that the sorted list gets in the order you want. Example:

1. Month
2. Week
3. Day

I would also like to promote the feature requests to hide the search and control the order of items in these dropdown controls!

Thanks for the input. I’ll communicate this request to the relevant team

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Thank you. Changing to checkboxes makes it look odd when we have more than 3 values… also prefixing with 1, 2, 3. is not resonating well with users.

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Yeah definitely not a complete solution but hopefully it provides a functional workaround until this feature is available from QuickSight :wink:

Hi, we are working on the feature to enable custom sort for control drop down list this year. And thanks for the feedback about the search bar, we will take into consideration when we design the feature.

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I would also like this ability. Any updates on the feature?

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I am also interested in the status of this feature?

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Hi @emilyzhu : Do we have any timeline by when the ‘custom sort feature for Parameter values’ would be made available in QuickSight?

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Hi Quicksight Team,
Do we have any update on this feature ‘Custom Sort Feature for Parameter Values’.

I would vote as well for this feature to be made available.

Hi, Is there an update on this feature?