How to Repeat Row Labels in a Pivot Table

Is it possible to have the pivot table’s row label repeated to avoid large empty space (audience have to scroll down to see the label/name

Hi @jjc -

For tables you can concatenate field names and then hide the column. However, that does not currently work for pivot tables.

Here is a workaround for pivot tables.
Note: You will lose the ability to sort and will have to use controls to restore functionality.

1. Create parameters/controls for your desired sort value and sort order

2. Create a calculated field to switch the sort value based on the parameter



3. Create a calculated field to sumOver the rows used in your pivot table.


sumOver({c_sort_value},[concat(Category,{Product Name})],PRE_AGG)

4. Create a calculated field to denserank your rows by your sort value


ifelse(${order}='ASC',denserank([{c_sumover} ASC],[],PRE_AGG),denserank([{c_sumover} DESC],[],PRE_AGG))

Final result:

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Is there any update to this. This is a very long work around just to see all the pivot table row labels.


+1 here. It’s seems like a basic functionality. Is there anywhere where we can request to prioritize it? @robdhondt