How to resolve Invalid choice: 'describe-analysis-definition' quicksight aws cli

how to resolve Invalid choice: ‘describe-analysis-definition’ quicksight aws cli

I am using command as

aws quicksight describe-analysis-definition --aws-account-id 1111111111 --analysis-id “analysis-id”

its giving Invalid choice: ‘describe-analysis-definition’ error

Hi Yogendra
make sure you have latest aws-client installed.
what’s the version of your aws client, do you have permission to access quicksight?

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@nshah-quicksight aws cli version is 2.7.11.
Yes I have permission to access quicksight using cli.
I can run command aws quicksight describe-dashboard and get the result

Hi @yogendrasgautam - Can you use describe analysis to see the analysis meta data details, something like below. Also I provided the boto3 api document link

aws quicksight describe-analysis --aws-account-id 1111111111 --analysis-id “analysis-id”

Regards - Sanjeeb

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This is the command. And it works.

aws quicksight describe-analysis-definition --aws-account-id={} --analysis-id {}

In your case, It must be your installation or permission-related issue if it’s not working for you.
I don’t think anyone of us can debug with you.

here are a few tips.
do you see the quicksight describe-analysis option when you tab for auto-complete?
$ aws quicksight describe-analysis
describe-analysis describe-analysis-definition describe-analysis-permissions
try reinstalling,
make sure you have permission, try diff machine or vm, etc…

Good Luck


the issue is resolved, there was the issue with aws version
thanks you

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Good to hear this @yogendrasgautam .

Please mark your suggestion as solution for the wider community reference.

Regards - Sanjeeb

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