How to restrict an author to only publishing into a shared folder

I am the admin of my quicksight account. The data team has started using quicksight so I’ve created a Data platform shared folder, and data-rw and data-ro user groups. I understand that if I add them as viewers/owners of the Data platform folder they will be able to use whats in that folder. However is there a way to restrict the data platform team to only being able to create assets in that folder?

As the usage of quicksight grows I don’t want to have to monitor everyones assets and make sure they are putting them in the right places for the right teams.

Effectively I want to put new users within a box and tell them to do whatever they want, without affecting people outside their team.

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Based on your description I would recommend checking out this article on sharing access across users and reading up on Namespaces.

Let me know if this helps!

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