How to save an Edit tooltip field in a visual with drill down


I am trying to modify the tooltip fields label of a few visuals with drill-down. I go to the Edit tooltip field, select the field, modify the label name, and then save. After I drill up and down, the saved label names disappear and go back to the original field names. Is there any other way to modify the label without changing the field name in the database? Without drill-down, the modified tooltip labels work fine on other visuals.


Hello @Marie-LineF , thanks for posting into the community.

The behavior you describe sounds awkward yes, I was able to create a visual (point map) and add a drill down with a customized tooltip and it was keeping the field formatting when doing the drill down.

Can you please raise a support case for this providing the following info so my colleagues from support can debug it?

  • account ID
  • analysis ID
  • visual ID (you can get this info from the Summarize visual metadata item in the visual contextual menu
  • HAR file
  • Short video or GIF of the issue.

Thank you very much, I will be marking this topic as archived as it will be covered via support case.