How to select only the unique Customer ID on the dataset level?

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I am trying to select only the unique Customer ID but not able to do that can anyone help me how can I achieve my result?

This is my Customer id column where the duplicate id also placed


I need only the unique Customer Id


All these calculation I need on the dataset level only so that we will have the unique Customer Id on the Analysis Level

@Biswajit_1993 - Can you please provide the sample of your dataset? Does your dataset only contain this single column? A bot more details around your problem statement would really help.

Otherwise you can always de-duplicate it at the analysis level and filter the underlying dataset using the analysis level filter. Hope this helps!

Thank you!

Lets say I need the distinct Customer ID having Channel = “API” and Segment = “Enterprise”
I want to put the condition on the dataset level so that I will get only the distinct Customer Id on the Analysis level.

below is my data.


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Biswajit Dash

@Biswajit_1993 - In that case, why can’t you filter the dataset with Channel = “API” and Segment = “Enterprise”. That would give you the unique Customer IDs (at least as per the data snippet that you shared) if that is what you need. IF you need the entire dataset, then as I mentioned you need to do that at the analysis level only. If this is not the right interpretation, then It could very well be I am not understanding the scenario well .Sorry for that.

Just a thought, why we can not use custom sql and select right data set for the usecase. we can use distinct with group and select the right data using custom sql.

Regards - San

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Yes @ Sanjeeb that is the last options but I think somewhere QuickSight have the capabilities for achieving this.

No @sagmukhe PFB the picture to understand my query.

Like simple what we did in SQL for selecting the Unique Record from a field I want to do the same in the dataset level.

Example - SELECT DISTINCT Customer Id FROM Customers;

@Biswajit_1993 - Okay Got it. Basically you are looking for duplicate removal options at the dataset operations. I don’t think something of that sort is currently available. You need to do it before bringing the data into QuickSight in case you would like that to be available at the dataset level itself that way. Here’s a relevant post regarding that

Hope this helps!

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