How to send email from Quicksight Dashboard to S3 with AWS SES?

What I want to do is that receiving scheduled email from QuickSight Dashboard(pdf) to S3.
So, I used Amazon Simple Email Service(SES) and registered verified identity as domain(which is bought from Route53) in SES.

Problem is that only mail from QuickSight Dashboard is not received to S3.
Mails with attached pdf files from gmail (or other personal mail) are successfully received to S3.
One weird thing is the user invitation mail of quicksight is received to S3.

I really wonder what am i missing and what should i check for it?
Otherwise, Is this really not working sending scheduled email from QuickSight Dashboard(pdf) to SES and then S3?

==> Summary

  • Gmail (or Other personal mail) → AWS SES (Mail) → S3. [>Success]

    • text + pdf
  • QuickSight Dashboard (Sending pdf) → AWS SES (Mail) → S3. [>Fail]

    • but, QuickSight User Invitation mail can be checked in S3

Hi @syoul

Please check the QuickSight Schedule and ensure PDF is send as File attachment since by default its download link in the email .


If still problem persist , please open support ticket to troubleshoot on Amazon SES . QuickSight sends email to the registered user’s email address , we need to check on the SMTP side for any issues.



hi all,

I would like to do something similar to the above - are there any instructions on how to actually acheive this?

I have some dashboards which are generating pdf reports to registered QuickSight users, but I would like to have these pdf’s saved into (multiple) S3 bucket - either in addition to having the email sent via email or just having the reports delivered directly to the S3 bucket.

Is there a concept of “sent items” for emails/pdf reports generated from QuickSight that could be saved to S3 also?

Any help here would be appreciated.


hi @QSCommUser - At present Quicksight reports can not be put in S3 bucket. This is something may come down the line as a feature request. Yes I do agree, if the file is in S3 then lots of integration can be done as well.

@apjvinod - Is this something in future pipeline? Please advise.

Regards - Sanjeeb


@Sanjeeb2022 - thanks for this.

I’m not overly familiar with the SES, but could this functionality be used to achieve the above:

or is it simply just not possible?



Hi @QSCommUser - Once the QuickSight report data will be available in S3, a lot of ways you can send to end customer, one of the option is event trigger a lambda which will call SES and send the attachment to the end customer.

At present QuickSight do not have a feature to put the downloaded report in S3, this step is important. I believe it is pipeline for future feature request.

Regards - Sanjeeb

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Hi @apjvinod

Yes, I checked ‘File attachment’ and problem is same.
Plus, Even thought ‘Download link’ is checked the problem is persist.

A Mail from QuickSight Dashboard Schedule is not coming into S3.
But, A Mail from QuickSight User Invitation is coming well into S3.

I not suer is this QuickSight problem or SES problem.

I’m in progress of changing the support plane for my working account.
When the support plane is changed, I will open support ticket soon.


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It was success!
There is nothing wrong with the process or functions.

The test still keep fail when I logged in with my assumeroll account.
But, When I log in with iam user account the test success.

I don’t know why this is happening because my assumeroll and iam account have same managed policy which is AdministratorAccess and SupportUser.

@apjvinod Is there any difference between assumeroll and iam account on quicksight?



Yes, You can achieve the function using this blog explanation.
I used same process with that blog.