How to send email to user when status get failed, while refreshing dataset using Createingestion API

We are implementing CreateIngestion API call to refresh SPICE data sets.
we need send email notification to user when API status return failed.

There is a checkbox on QuickSight website you can see while schedule any dataset.
checkbox name = “use email owners when a refresh fails”

Note:- i want to set property this checkbox from my Lamda script.

Hi Jogesh,

You can monitor and create alerts for ingestions failures through looking at QuickSight metrics within CloudWatch.

Hi Bhasi, thank you for sharing this feedback.

I am making API call CreateIngestion to refresh SPICE data sets in javascript LAMDA function so from there i can successfully refresh the datasets.
If in any point if dataset refresh get gails from CreateIngestion API than we need to send email to that particular users of that failed Datasets.

from Quicksight already checkbox option is there where user getting failure notifications below is the screenshot.

Hi Jogesh,

Yes, on any failures of ingestion the dataset owner is notified of the ingestion failure. As per Bhasi’s suggestion you are additionally monitor & configure alerts for ingestion failures from cloud watch metrics as explained in the blog.


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