How to set a dynamic format to a KPI box depending on the metric displayed controlled by a parameter and control?

I have a KPI box for a calculated field that is a dynamic calculated field where the metric shown in the visual changes based on the users’ selection from a Control that is linked to a Parameter. I want to be able to show the $ or % signs based on the metric that is displayed. For example, if they choose Revenue, it should show the value with a $ and if they choose a Percent Payers then I want the % symbol displayed, if I choose something like Active Users then I want no symbol.

I have seen a couple workarounds for something like this in other forum posts here, but neither solutions have worked in my case and I’m not sure what to do.

For example, the first solution I found was to create a calculated field that I can use with conditional formatting in the KPI box. I made a field called format_id which sets a numeric value 1,2 or 3 depending on which type of symbol I want to see. But when I go to the conditional formatting options, the $ and % symbols do not appear in the list of options for the icons. I then go to select “Use custom Unicode icon” but every code I’ve tried says that it is invalid. I have tried U+0025, 0025, 25 to get the % symbol and they all say invalid. I also tried simply copy/pasting the symbol instead of the code as I’ve seen other people had better luck doing it this way. But I still get the same error. Can someone let me know if my unicodes are formatted properly or what I’m doing wrong here?
Here are a couple images to show the steps I tried:


The second solutions that I found is to create one KPI box for each metric to display, then set the KPI box to be hidden by default and become visible only if the metric is chosen to display. I followed the steps on the AWS site to achieve this, but I don’t even see the option to hide by default when I look at the formatting settings in my KPI box. Apparently the option should appear under the “Rules” drop down, but I don’t even have that for my visuals. I’ve tried looking for this Rules drop down in my KPI box formatting, as well as testing to see if its there for a donut chart like the AWS example provides. But I don’t see it in either case which I find really strange. It seems as though I’m missing some formatting options in my visuals and I don’t know why that might be happening.
Here is an image of what I see when I follow the AWS steps using a donut chart and look at my formatting options:

@jovanaV i don’t think so.

You can use diff KPI visual with diff format, and hide / show with filter+dynamic parameter


I tried this already. In my last paragraph above I explain how I followed the steps in this exact link, but that the “Conditional Rules” doesn’t appear as an option when I format my visual. The screen shot at the end of my post shows the format options I see when I format a donut chart (just like in the example). The “Rules” drop down should appear under Tooltips but its missing for me.

@jovanaV what kind of layout you are using?

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Hello @jovanaV !

Like @neelay mentioned, this solution depends on the layout that you are using. You need to be in the free form layout setting to use this functionality.