How to set default value of parameter based on a field or calculation

I am trying to make responsive controls. I have an event that has a start date and end date limiting it’s boundaries. What I need is that when an event is select on a control, the default value of start date parameter goes to it’s associated value. Is that possible?

If it is ok to show the event types as a table (rather than as a control), then you can assign a
a Navigation Actions to set the default values of the start date parameter. Additionally, this table could have conditional formatting to highlight the event that is selected at the moment.

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Thanks for the answer, @darcoli
I have it implemented via table + action, but this conditional formatting can be really useful. Nevertheless, would be even better to have it on a control pane to be aesthetic and even more functional :smiley:

Hi Mauricio. I’ll communicate that feature request to the appropriate team. Thanks