How to set the day before yesterday as default date for a visual

hi everyone, I’m trying to use the filter feature to set the before yesterday as the default date for my dashboard, but I only find a relative complicated way to do so by creating a dim table and setting a dynamic default for a parameter. So I’m wondering if there is a more easy and straightforward way to do so? thanks

Hi @yidansun , have you tried the new rolling date filter feature? In the date &time range filter, you are able to set a rolling before/after/between filter, with the date to be today, yesterday, start/end of this/previous/next year/quarter/month/day…

Hi @yidansun,

Another option is to create a relative dates filter, set the granularity to days, select the Last N days option and enter ‘2’. This will filter to the last two days of data.

yes, but I don’t find the right combination for me…Also, I find it’s based on UTC time but the dataset I’m working on is based on PST, so seems not so compatible

Yes, I tried this, it somehow works for me. I also excluded the last 1 day to make sure it will not mix the data of two days and then make the data misleading. my concern for this feature is that if I display the filter on the sheet, the UI is not so straightforward as the usual one (the data is equal to xyz), do you know how to improve this? thanks

@yidansun Can you please clarify what is not straightforward about the UI of the date filter when on the sheet?

below is the UI I wanna have for dashboard customers by which customers can select the date they want through the calendar of the drop-down menu
Screen Shot 2022-10-07 at 9.54.34 AM

then for the last N days feature, it will be like this, I’m afraid customers will be confused with many parameters to input.
Screen Shot 2022-10-07 at 9.55.34 AM|511x500

btw, could I know what time zone the last N days feature is based on, my dataset timezone or UTC? thanks

Hi @yidansun, you should be able to set a “before” datetime range, and use the rolling date the set up the date to be yesterday. For the timezone, yes you are right QS currently only support UTC timezone, you can use the adddatetime()(addDateTime - Amazon QuickSight) function to convert your datetime column to match UTC.


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Thanks for your response, Emily! seems I will show all the data before yesterday in this way, could I show only the data of the day before yesterday by the relative date feature?