How to set up a Bar chart to be transparent in duo chart

Hi all,

Background: I have a duo chart to show part (Bar chart can be changed by filter) to total (line chart- implemented prefilter) comparision. But now since the dashboard need to be released to a much wider range of users who have different level of access (by bizunit, geo, sungeo etc.) So that the RLS will be implemented, users who don’t have Company level access won’t be able to see the complete line chart for bench marking anymore. Since the data will be capped at dataset level based on their levels of access. The work around I can think of for now is to create a same new chart with new data set with no RLS and make the bar chart to be transparent so that I can put it on top of my previous chart.

Question: Can I make the bar chart to be transparent, do we have a color code for that? I can only find the white color not transparent.
Any insights will be much appreciated!!

Addition info is: If I remove the bar chart then the X and Y axis interval will be changed and can not be 100% matched with the original chart. Please check below screenshot, I can only find the white color for bar chart.

Hey @Cindy

I don’t think there is a way to do what you’re asking. I can mark it as a feature request.