How to share Q Topics using API?

From documentation I see we can share Q Topics to different users in the organization through console, but how to do it programmatically using API calls? we need to share different topics with users in different namespaces. But doing it manually through console is very time taking and manual process. We are looking for programmatic solution for this.

Hi Sanjay,
Sharing Topics programmatically using APIs is not yet supported. We are currently working on this feature and will be happy to hear your use cases and expectations for how this would work.

Hi Deepak,

Thanks for your response. Our use case is that we have created a namespace for each company who uses our product. Now we want to provide Q bar feature to these companies. But we don’t want to share all Q Topics with all companies. We want to give access to Q Topic based on their subscription level to our product. To control this Q Topic access based on namespace, we are looking for programmatic solution where we can share Q Topics programmatically to users within namespaces.

Please let me know if you need any more details.

Thanks for the details. Yes, sharing a topic with users in different namespaces programmatically is a use case that is included in our current scope of planned work. We will keep you posted as the feature becomes available.