How to show a row count in a table

Seems like a dumb question, but how do I show a row count in a flat table. The only way I have found is to add a column and set the aggregate to count, which puts a “1” in the cell for every row, and then I can turn on totals to see the count. I’d rather just be able to show the count for any existing column I choose. For example, my table has only date and string fields.

I would add KPI or Insight visual that shows total number of rows since most of the time I don’t want to see counts for individual rows.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’d still rather have this as a feature where I could put a row count inside of a total or subtotal row in a table. Seems like a simple and common feature that should be supported.

You can add a calculated field called “row_count” with the expression as “1”. And then put this field into the table. It should work. Thanks.

We can mark this as a feature request. Thanks

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