How to show all the date in x-axis instead of week wise gap?

Hi Team,
Need you help, I am trying to create one line chart where I added the Date filed in X-axis but in my case all the date field is not showing. Instead of that it is showing the date as week wise gap.

Here if you see first date is April 17 then April 24 but as per my requirement I want show case all the date like from April 17 then April 18 then April 19 and so on.

Hi, @Sanjeeb2022 , @sagmukhe , @Max , @David_Wong
Any help would much be appreciated.
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Biswajit Dash

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Hi, On the top , on x-axis you might be seeing your field , please go ahead and select the appropriate aggregate-

Hi @anika ,

If you see the x-axis the date field is by Day aggregated only.

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Biswajit Dash

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Hi @Biswajit_1993

You would need to use SQL to create rows for each day you want. This could be done by creating a calendar and then joining your data onto it.

QuickSight does not have this capability to automatically fill in blank dates.

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@Biswajit_1993 - You need to solve this at the Data preparation stage.

Step 1 : Please create a date dimension table (having all the dates listed)
Step 2 : Have that Date Dimension Table left joined with the fact table. That will allow you to have all the consecutive dates.
Step 3 : Wherever the date will be missing in the Fact Table, you can use coalesce to make it 0 or whatever default value you want.
Step 4 : Once that is done, you can use that resultant dataset into your analysis.

Hope this helps! Thank you!

Hi @Biswajit_1993 ,

From your screen shot, it looks like you already have data at daily grain and have set the aggregate setting too Day as well. Is your desired outcome to show all the corresponding date labels on X axis at day level rather than the week level values it is showing currently?

If so, you can change the X axis Label orientation to Vertical and this will result in all day labels being displayed as now QuickSight has the space to fit them all along the X axis.

Iā€™m marking this as solution to your question. Please let us know if you have further questions.

Arun Santhosh

My tabular visual shows the data as follows

However, when I change the table to Line chat, why the x-axis does not show all the dates? For instance 26th Oct, the metric value was 200121

Hello! I have the same issue and the solution suggested does not work for me.
I have tried setting the labels to Vertical and the other dates do not appear. I have two trend lines using the same data, one shows the label on every date, and the other does not. I have confirmed they have all the same settings in the Format Visual menu.

Note, there is data for other dates, so those dates exist in the dataset, they are just not being labeled on the axis