How to show an entry of a table in a KPI?


I created the following calculated field:

periodOverPeriodDifference(sum({column}),date, DAY, offset)

However, I can only create a Table showing the values. I want a KPI that shows the value corresponding to the current date.

Here is an illustration:

I want to show in a KPI the value circled in red. How can I do that?

you may use conditional formatting

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Thank you for the answer.

However, I don’t know how I can use conditional formatting to show an entry of the table in a KPI.

like this ?


Yes. But I want the reader to be able to choose the starting and ending of dates that he wants to see in the KPI.

did you try adding a filter?

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Yes. The filter does not have the effect that I want.

Here is an example.

Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 18.56.12

The dates in the KPI don’t change.

in this case, do you want to show Jun28 compare with Jun30?

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In this case, yes. But this was just an example.

My aim is to define parameters for the starting and end dates (for the users to choose the range of dates).

you can create 2 control. in this example, day1, day2. user needs to choose them and it shows the comparison of the sales for this 2 days

You may apply the same concept to compare the sales for a day range.
I have 2 parameters in my example

And added 2 calculated fields

And includes these 2 fields in the KPI

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