How to show an hourly average of my data

Hello, in my dataset I have two fields, time/date field and a Case ID field. What I am trying to achieve is a line chart that shows an hourly average of all my Case ID records. So in hindsight I want to be able to see on average how many cases are being handled on an hourly basis. I’ll attach a screenshot of the visual I’m trying to obtain! If anybody has a solution to this, I would appreciate it!

Case Example

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Hi @manbig,
You can add a calculated reference line into your line chart that shows the average of cases per hour.

You can find the option under “Format visual”->“Reference lines”. Here is a screenshot that shows how it can be achieved (using dates instead of hours in my case):


Hi @Thomas Thanks for the input! but in addition to the reference Line I was also wanting to know how to plot the actual line chart using the 24 hour bins I have established in my example picture! Is there a way on how to do that because I keep running into an error when using a LAC calc?

Hi @manbig,
It would be great if you could provide a bit more context around the second ask. What is the structure of your data? Sharing some example input and the expected visual output can also help to guide you to the right solution. I’d recommend to open that ask in a new question to keep each focused on a specific topic. Thanks in advance!


Sounds good @Thomas Thank you!