How to show/create dynamic insight visual (custom narrative) based on the values available on dataset

Hi All,

I have to show some dynamic insight visual based on the data availability e.g.

if i have 3 categories then i need show 3 insight visual in detail level, if i have 4 categories then it should show 4 insight visual.

in the below example we show only 3 categories based on the data and this is done in frontend by node js/react some technology, but how can we achieve the same using quicksight.

Thanks in advance.


As of now there is no way to programmatically add visuals.

There are two options that I can think of.

One you can have one insight that looks for comparisons / criteria and formats the visual based on that.

Another option is to use Conditional Rendering with parameters. If you are doing the embedding option you can look to pass parameters and conditionally render the visuals.

thanks for the response. for now i have implemented as table in the report for my scenario.

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Can’t you customize 1 narrative to capture different categories in the same dataset with a for loop like it is explained in this video: How to Create Custom Narratives - YouTube