How to show KIP comparison between previous month and 2 month ago

Current Month is September, I would like to display the comparison between August and July. with a KIP comparison card, is it possible? I used the function addDateTime(-1,‘MM’,{route_first_day_of_month}) as Frist_day_of_Previous_month in the Trend group, the month is changed to August and July , but the value doesn’t not match. The value is between September and August.

Hello @Li_Yang !

Could you do this using a filter instead of a calculated field?

For example, I created a comparison KPI for the month of August and July using a relative date filter, and going back 3 months but excluding Sept. Another factor was making sure that my Date Field in the Trend Group Field Well was aggregated to MONTHS.

Let me know if this is what you were looking for!

Thanks for your suggestion. It works! Appreciated!

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@Li_Yang I’m glad that worked, happy to help!