How to show percentage difference of data

Hi there, my column has 3 different types of values. Type - Customer, Manager, Sales.

Data is stored in the database as the following.

Name Type
John Manager
Evans Customer
Mike Customer
Joan Sales

I need to show the percentage of customers, percentage that are sales and a percentage that are Managers.

So first guage for Customer would be 50% customer.
Second guage would be 25% are managers
Third guage would be 25% sales.

May I ask how do I achieve this? It doensn’t necessarily need to be a guage, I just need to show the percentage information.

Hello boss,

I guess first you would need to club the Name Type in calculated field, Let say Actual types as below example

Actual types : ifelse(contains{Name Type},‘Customer’),‘Customers’,ifelse(contains({NameType},‘Manager’),‘Managers’,‘Sales’))

Then you may use Actual types to calculate percentage

Percentage = percentOfTotal(count({Actual types}))

you may try…hope this helps, there could be other ways as well.


Hi @boss - In @Deep 's suggestion, the calculation using contains() function is assuming the value is a combined Name + Type in the same ‘cell’. If those are indeed two different columns, you can use the Type field as-is.

As Deep showed you can use it directly in a pie or donut chart to get percentages, or if you use a Pivot Table, you can apply a Percent of Total table calculation to it:

Then make sure it is running the right direction (down or across):

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