How to show tabs with different layouts in an embedded dashboard

I have an analysis with two tabs. One is a freeform layout as the element have to be very tightly controlled. The other tab is classic layout. If I embed the dashboard in an iframe the correct width for the freeform layout the second tab is limited to this width also. If I allow the iframe to scale with the page, the fixed-width freeform first tab also scales up. Is there anyway to have the fixed-width tabs of a dashboard respect their maximum size within embeddings? (I realsie this may be more of a feature request than a question)

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@GdooM In Amazon QuickSight, when embedding a dashboard with multiple tabs, to my understanding, it is currently not possible to have tabs with different layouts in terms of width restrictions within an embedded dashboard. The width of the embedded dashboard, including all its tabs, is determined by the width of the iframe in which it is embedded.

If you set a fixed width for the iframe, it will affect all the tabs within the dashboard, including both the freeform layout and the classic layout. Similarly, if you allow the iframe to scale with the page, all the tabs will scale proportionally.

To my knowledge, at present, QuickSight does not offer a built-in feature to control individual tab widths separately within an embedded dashboard.

@bergqdou Can you confirm the above?

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