How to show values as percentage in QuickSight Q answers?

I have CSAT field with values (52, 65 etc) and I want to show values as percentage in my answers in QuickSight Q. I am trying creating topic and verifying questions and I have changed the semantic type for CSAT as ‘Percentage’.

The final answer is coming as (CSAT value) x 100, like 65 as 6500% as I have changed the format as %


Is the only option to correct this is to divide CSAT field by 100 in data prep or is it possible to show this as CSAT% (ex, 65%) ?

Hi @Vaibhav_Patidar

In order to show the metric in percentage actual values needs to be in decimals . Either you need to do CSAT/100 in the dataset or you can also create calculated field in the Q topic itself and include it in topic & exclude the originial CSAT field.

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Yes, thanks for the response @apjvinod.