How to solve my invalid date problem?

In my analysis, the date is invalid date format. Did I do anything wrong? And how can I fix it?

Ive tried editing the dataset to change to string, and then back to date with no issues, but nothing changes.

What is the source of your data? Is it a SQL query, a CSV file, or some other source of data?

It is from postgres RDS data source. Dataset is using custom sql.


you can clean it in your before data update, use the timestamp formate or simple use
the REPLACE function in sql or in QS to remove the last “Z” in your formate.


I see. I formatted to char and reformatted the date to exclude the miliseconds and the Z part, and my date is not invalid anymore. Although a little long, it solves my problem. Thanks.

The change:
TO_TIMESTAMP(to_char(created_at,‘yyyy-MM-DD hh:mm:SS’),‘yyyy-MM-DD hh:mm:SS’) as created_at